Congratulations to all the incredible Kickstarters and their mentors! This round of social innovators showcased a hugely diverse range of sustainable approaches to social impact that greatly impressed the final selection panel. 

We are excited to announce that the recipients of the Macquarie Group Foundation $10,000 Kickstarter grants for R2 2017 are Might & Mane, Yvote and Gulbarn.

Read on to discover more about the grant recipients and the full 2017 R2 Kickstarter Cohort!

Might & Mane is committed to educating and training Australian men about mental health. We run training programs for barbers teaching them how to recognise signs of mental illness. Our barbers are not psychologists, but they are visited by most men on a regular basis, in a relaxed environment, and we equip them with knowledge of safe conversation and information of existing mental health services available to refer clients onto. We aim to get men checking in on their mental health as regularly as they get their haircut. '
'At Might&Mane, we’re so grateful that we had the opportunity to work with three amazing mentors at Macquarie Bank to help us develop a great business plan and sustainable business model. It was truly incredible to see how much Might and Mane grew in those few months, and to get insight about what we can become. We are just over the moon that we were awarded the 10k to help us on our journey getting Aussie men practicing positive mental health habits, and we look forward to working with our communities over the next few months!' - Gabrielle Timmins, Co-Founder Might &Mane
FB:  Instagram: @mightandmaneorg

Y Vote is a social enterprise dedicated to empowering young citizens to create a stronger democracy for the future. Y Vote will deliver engaging, digitally driven education and capacity building resources to schools, councils & not-for-profit organisations. 
'I feel incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in the Kickstarter program. My mentors helped me focus my ideas, reveal assumptions and identify new opportunities. They also helped me navigate other challenges like balancing pressure and uncertainty while establishing my enterprise. This support from SEFA Partnerships and the Macquarie Foundation will not only enable Y Vote to produce and pilot our product offering but allow me to do so knowing I have the scrutiny and support of expert business advisors.' - Sky Riggs, Founder YVote 

Gulbarn is a venture that introduces a unique native botanical to the market as an herbal tea. Today, Gulbarn is a fledgling business that is creating work opportunities for over 30 Aboriginal people in Minyerri and Katherine. Our vision is to grow Gulbarn into a profitable Indigenous-led business that creates ongoing employment for community members in Minyerri. In doing so, we will create a replicable model for other remote Aboriginal communities to achieve their economic, social and cultural aspirations through enterprise. 
'This grant represents a huge boost for Gulbarn Tea. It will enable us to invest in growing our digital marketing capabilities,  increase our exposure in the marketplace and drive our online sales. The revenue generated by these efforts will enable us to create more jobs for Aboriginal people in the supply chain, and more business learning opportunities so that Alawa people can be involved in all aspects of the business, including governance, financial management, marketing, PR and retail.' -Laura Egan, Co-Founder Gulbarn FB:  Order:    

Kickstarter 2017 also included 8 other incredible social enterprises. Spend some time checking them out and keep an eye on the space for those yet to launch! 

Thread Harvest - Shop your values at Thread Harvest. The fashion industry doesn’t have to be the second most polluting industry in the world. It doesn’t have to exploit workers in factories, it doesn’t have to destroy the environment. The fashion industry can be the empowering industry it’s meant to be if we, as the consumers, choose to sow our money better. Our commitment is to bring you the best the world has to offer in ethical and sustainable brands through a great shopping experience. 

The Timekeeper - Watches that are catalysts for conversation, donate 100% of profits to help young people develop skills for managing time and mental health, and share 'Stories of Time' to breakdown stigma, celebrate vulnerability and encourage people to support those around them.

Muralisto - Our vision is to create public art with purpose, in Australia, and around the world. In particular to create works that address the social, political, cultural and environmental issues we face as a global community. In doing so, we hope to provide more opportunities for artivists to positively impact society, and to inspire and nurture the next generation of artivists.  

PickUPAustralia - PickUp Australia is a passenger transport service for people with a disability, the elderly, and anyone who requires additional support and companionship to support independent living.

Nyully Tucker - A project of Waminda, Nyully Tucker is a hospitality business providing a stable of workplaces which not only acknowledge but embrace the needs and skills of the community in order to facilitate secure employment for Indigenous women on in the Shoalhaven region. 

LifespanLinkages - (Pre-Launch) Lifespan Linkages aims to provide extensive information on retirement and ageing, linking and engaging older people in their community and ensuring communities are more age friendly and inclusive.

Snacktime Games - (Pre-Launch) Creating engaging digital games to provide students (4-9) more equitable opportunity to access speech therapy practice in a timely and affordable manner.  

The Allotment - (Pre-Launch) A platform to connect small charities founders, managers and volunteers with each other. By streamlining and sharing resources, small to medium-sized charities can honour the trust that is placed in them by the Australian community by focusing on their cause, rather than start-up costs and back-end administration.

Congratulations to everyone, we cant wait to see what you do next!